Rich Shepard wrote:
  Last Wednesday I posted a message to the beamer-linux-users mail list on and have not seen a response to it, or any other post to
that mail list.

I'm back in the grove using the beamer class but still cannot get the logo
to display on each slide. (It doesn't display on the title slide, but that
is normal as I recall.)

Mine display on the title slide, but I use a somewhat different approach.

  I'd greatly appreciate some more thoughts on how to identify the problem.
The code I'm using matches what is required based on the user's guide, and
it does work for others here. Why it's not working here is what I need to

That coupled with the printing of the internal image name makes me think that beamer can't find the actual image file (or thinks it can't find it). I'll second Jürgen on this: can you post a stripped document (maybe just title slide and first content slide) plus the image file?

The logo, like all the images in this presentation, are in .pdf format and
I use pdflatex to view and export the developing document. It's quite
frustrating as this is the last issue I need to resolve.

FWIW, I hacked a few of the beamer style files to create a style for my class slides. Most of the changes are probably stuff you would have no interest in, but the changes to the beamerthemeWhatever.sty files included declaring a couple of image files, one used as a watermark just on the title slide, the other tucked into the lower right of every slide (including the title slide). If you're going to use the same theme, same logo for multiple presentations, creating your own theme is probably worth the modest amount of effort. Incidentally, I put the hacked theme files in my local texmf tree, including the image files, which obviates the need for path information when I load them.

If you want to see my hacks, let me know.


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