Am Saturday 02 May 2009 21:22:59 schrieb Uwe Stöhr:
> Wolfgang Engelmann schrieb:
> > a reference in my document gives me
> > Package inputenc Error: Keyboard character used is undefined
> > and describes it as
> > ...Physiol.Plantarum}, 112:\penalty0 119
> > does it mean, I am missing the inputenc software
> > or is there an undefined keyboard character?
> inputenc is part of every LateX system. The problem is that BibTeX cannot
> handle UTF characters. The error you get often appears for example when a
> reference has a long "-" between page numbers. When you haven't used
> BibTeX, I need a _small_ LyX example file to check.
> regards Uwe

Thanks, Uwe.

I am attaching the offending reference, which I entered by using JabRef (that 
is bibtex).
What is the difference between a long "-" between page numbers vs "--"?

It would be helpful if somebody could also check whether this reference works 
in lyx by inserting it via JabRef. I noticed if I try to re-write it in 
JabRef, it is automatically completed (e.g. the name, the journal). It looks 
to me as JabRef has some internal way of remembering this reference. I got 
the reference from the medline internet databank.

Would it help to use biblatex in this kind of errors?


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