tedc wrote:
> want to use Typewriter family for stuff that appears in an xterm--bold to
> indicate what the user should enter via the keyboard, and plain ("medium")
> Typewriter for stuff printed by the computer. These look different on
> screen in LyX, but the dvi previewer shows that the "bold" text is being
> rendered as plain; pdf output confirms this--the text marked as plain
> Typewriter looks identical to text marked as Typewriter, Bold. This is on
> a Linux box (Centos 5.3). What can I do about this?
Apparently not much. This can't be the first time this issue has come up,
but there doesn't seem to be anything about it in this mailing list's posts,
on the LyX Wiki, or anywhere else.

Today I installed the latest version of LyX from www.lyx.org on another PC
under Vista, and got the same result: Typewriter Bold looks bold in LyX, but
not in the dvi previewer, nor in the pdf file.

So the problem is shared by two different versions of LyX (1.56 vs. 1.6.2)
running under two different OSes (CentOS 5.3 vs. Vista Home) with different
implementations of LaTeX (Tetex vs. MiKTeX 2.7.3105)
and dvi previewers.

Could the problem lie in the typefaces themselves? Does LyX use the same
typeface for Typewriter as it does for Typewriter, Bold? If so, what can be
done about it on both Linux and Vista?
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