On 2009-05-04, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> in compiling lyx I am told zlib.h is missing.
> I can't find this under 'search' of synaptics (debian lenny)
> How do I get it?
> Wolfgang

Here is my recepy to build LyX-svn on Debian:

 * Update sources `svn update` 
   (eventually switch to a another branch, 
   `svn switch svn://svn.lyx.org/lyx/lyx-devel/branches/BRANCH_1_6_X`)
 * Install all the dependencies with `apt-get build-dep lyx`
   (after installing build-dep via `apt-get install build-dep`).
 * Configuration/Automake:
   pre-configuration with `autogen.sh`
   Without debug-symbols (otherwise the memory on my machine will run out), 
   use suffix (lyx -> lyx16)::
    ./configure --with-version-suffix=16 --enable-build-type=release 
 * make, make install    

 * optional: crate a binary tarball::
     Use "make DESTDIR=/tmp/lyx-svn install" and then make an archive of
     everything in /tmp/lyx-svn.


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