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tedc wrote:
I'm writing an instruction document and want to use Typewriter family for
stuff that appears in an xterm--bold to indicate what the user should enter
via the keyboard, and plain ("medium") Typewriter for stuff printed by the
computer. These look different on screen in LyX, but the dvi previewer
shows that the "bold" text is being rendered as plain; pdf output confirms
this--the text marked as plain Typewriter looks identical to text marked as
Typewriter, Bold. This is on a Linux box (Centos 5.3). What can I do about

Use a typewriter font that provides bold shape (the LaTeX default font, computer modern, does not).

I have been using "Latin Modern" in all my docs for a while, and I have a "code" character style using plain typewriter and another one "filename" using typewriter bold. That works fine (windows XP, lyx 1.6.2).

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