Hello LyX users,

I'm new to TeX, LaTeX, and LyX, but climbing fast.  I'm trying to make
a standardized structured document format for my company.  Right now,
I'm attempting to do this by making a custom LyX layout.

This layout is based on article.cls.  As it happens, if I apply this
style to a line in LyX, the generated output in DVI is what I want.
However, in the GUI the preview is not.  In the GUI I don't get the
prepended "Feature:" and the text is completely unformatted.  How do I
make the preview in the GUI resemble the output?

Here's my Style entry in my layout file:

Style Feature
        LatexType         Command
        LatexName         planfeature
                \newcommand{\planfeature}[1]{ \section{Feature: #1} }

For that matter, how does LyX know how to display \section{FooBar}
normally?  Does it parse the class and determine the appearance or is
it predefined somewhere?

On the subject of layout files and Style entries.  Looking at the
layouts that come with LyX, there are a lot of options you can use.
Is any of that documented anywhere?  Or is it all learn by example?


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