On Tue, 5 May 2009, Rich Shepard wrote:

 Now that I have the logo displaying properly and the slides for the
presentation finished, I need to get the navigation tools in acroread

  Thanks to Murat, and some magic computer foo, it's working.

  Yesterday I could not get proper output using File->Export->PDF(pdflatex).
So I tried File->Export->LaTeX(pdflatex), but ran pdflatex only twice on the
.tex file.

  This morning I decided to try the direct PDF(pdflatex) build before
running LaTeX 3 times (I forgot yesterday that it needs that many passes to
build TOC and other portions.) Well, the direct build worked today.

  The visuals consists of 215 slides, and the workshop handout is,
interestingly, 215 pages (with cover and TOC). All done with LyX and
PSTricks for the figures. That's for 12+ hours of teaching over two days. In
Australia (Perth and Melbourne).

  As many of us have known for years, this is one of the most civil,
helpful, and productive application-specific mail lists on the 'Net. What a
wonderful group we have here.


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