ami guru wrote:
Hello forum,

I have inserted C++ code snippet inside the float:algorithm block and then i
inserted vertical spaces

And then i inserted float:figure, inserted images.

When i preview the in the pdf format the images show up before the code
snippet. I should be vice versa.

Any idea on that one?

Floats are "floating" elements. But Lyx let's you choose the default behaviour for floats and even each float behaviour.
You may want to try the "here definitely" or the "here if possible"
To set this behaviour document-wise, got to
Documents->Settings->Float Placement
To set this only for a given float, right-click onto the "Float : Algorithm" box (resp. "Float : Figure") and choose "settings". Then click the "here definitely" choice. You can also access this by "Float Settings..." at the bottom of the edit menu when a float is selected.

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PS: LyX is not a word processor, vertical spaces are most of the time not the right way to go.

What am i missing in the process?


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