Hi Lyx experts,

I have been using LYX for over decade now. It has always been a fantastic 
tool, especially for my PhD thesis. 

Unfortunately I have arrived at a dead end just before publication. My 
publisher (Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany) has very percise ideas 
about the layout of the text and I am unable to adjust to his wishes with 

I could not find a suitable template on the Internet. 
I don't know how to change parts of the layout beyond the text options.
That is why I need help in changing the page layout. I use the template "book 
(more font sizes)".

Things which need to be adapted are:
* font in the header, which has to be small capitals instead of capitals 
and a different font size
* header (left pages): the word chapter is printed in all chapters in German 
("Kapitel" which is correct), but in chapter 9 there is "chapter" in the 
header (a bug?)
* space of indentation at the beginning of paragraphs
* headlines of chapters without the word "chapter" in the headline and 
different font size

If anybody feels able to help, please contact me and I will send you parts of 
my text and the exact figures so that the changes can be applied to it.

If it does not work out well this way, I will have no other choice than to 
transfer the whole text to M$-word and reformat it there.

I'm not an IT specialist, just a poor historian using LYX on Linux.
Please help me to prevent that nightmare!



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