Well, I think I am getting close on setting up a bst file for the journal
'Medical Physics'.

I have modified IEEEtran.bst. Here are my remaining problems:

article-delete comma between journal name and volume #
article- make volume number bold font
book-replace period after book title with comma
book-(low priority) replace 'and' before last author name with a comma

I am attaching a zip archive (~60 kilobytes) with the following files to
help in debugging
d2.lyx - a sample document
IEEEtran2.bst - the latest bst file
BobRefs.bib - the bib data used for test
d2.pdf - sample output

I am working with Lyx 1.5.5 on WindowsXP

Help in solving any or all of the problems listed above will be appreciated.
Please be as explicit as possible in suggesting changes as I am new to this
(although learning fast. I have downloaded documents on the bst language but
just getting started)

http://n2.nabble.com/file/n2842980/BstDebug.zip BstDebug.zip 
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