Markus Büchele wrote:

is there a way to change indentation for quotes and quotations in the preamble of a document? I'd need left indentation 0.7cm, right indentation 0cm.

All I found was changes inside the document, such as:

\leftskip=2cm % ggf. verstellen
\noindent Langer Text
Weiterer Text

Not a very encouraging option when you need to change about 1,000 quotations.

Exactly what to do depends upon your document class, but the short version is that you can just \renewenvironment the quote environment by copying it out of the class and changing it as you see fit. It's just a list environment. E.g., here are the ones from book.cls:

{\list{}{\listparindent 1.5em%
\itemindent \listparindent
\rightmargin \leftmargin
\parsep \z@ \...@plus\p@}%

You could try putting "\setlength\leftmargin{2cm}" in there, and adjust as need be, e.g.:
Something like that should work.


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