Hesham Kamel wrote:
I am using enumerate for numbering some paragraphs. How can you show roman
numerals instead of numbers?
Thank you

Prior to the start of the first enumeration where you want Roman numerals, insert the following in ERT (TeX):


That makes enumeration labels at the outermost level lower case Roman numerals followed by a period. Change 'enumi' to 'enumii' (both occurrences) for second level (nested) enumerations, or to 'enumiii' for third tier (twice nested) enumerations. Change '\roman' to '\Roman' if you want upper case Roman numerals (IV rather than iv). If you want them surround in parentheses rather than followed by a period, include the desired punctuation in the last argument.

If you need to return to conventional numbering of an enumeration later, put the following in ERT prior to the start of that enumeration:


You can switch back and forth ad nauseum.


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