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There it is.
I use Lyx 1.6.2 Windows version. I try in a friend PC with Linux (I guess Ubuntu 9.04) and it works great.

The problem is this line in your document preamble:
When I comment it out, it works as it should.

Your file contains a lot preamble commands that are not necessary and potentially only lead to problems. It is therefore strongly recommended to add there only things you understand.
I cleaned your preamble and document and hope it still created what you want, 
see attached.

Btw. It is better to scale images relative to the column width as I did in the attached file. This assures that your document will always look correct, even when you change the printspace, pages borders, and the like.

You can also use any image format, not only EPS. For more infos see the EmbeddedObjects manual that you find in LyX's Help menu in Appendix B and in sec. 1.3.

regards Uwe

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