Pavel Sanda schreef:
alvaro wrote:
I have added some branches to my text. In the text, and thus in the
branches, there are some figures (floating). Now my problem is that when I
try to change the settings of the figure, the menu of the branch pops up...
I dont know if I am doing something wrong or if it is an error of lyx.

this is bug of lyx. report it in our tracker.

Do you also have the problem? what do your recommend to do?

workaround for this moment is: go just ahead of float inset, alt + x, 
inset-settings, enter


Fixed in trunk at r29892.


(P.S. Pavel, because you don't want to reply to all, I had to go through some PITA to get alvaro's e-mail address to be able to cc him. So, I think reply-to-all isn't that bad after all.)

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