I'm having a problem with the attached custom layout.  If I set the
TocLevel of any of my styles to be > 2 the LabelString does not show
up.  Currently I work around this by setting TocLevel on all my styles
to 2.  This makes the LabelString show up, but the ToC preview window
shows the style at the wrong level.  Anyone have experience with this
type of thing?

In dvplan.layout, the styles I'm having trouble with are
Configurations, Section, and SubSection.  Install the layout and open
the included foo.lyx.  You'll see a bunch of empty lines in the ToC,
and a bunch of blank lines in the editor window.

Now make the following modification to dvplan.layout.  In the 3 styles
I mentioned in the last paragraph, change the TocLevel to 2.  Restart
LyX, and again look at foo.lyx.  You should now see the previously
missing LabelStrings.  The side effect is that these styles now show
up at the wrong level in the ToC window.


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