Vincent van Ravesteijn wrote:
Jason Lillywhite schreef:
I am running LyX in Ubuntu 9.04 and I'm working on a document that
contains many figures and tables. LyX has crashed multiple times when
working with these figures I'm inserting.

I'm inserting figures by doing a float, then insert graphic. I found
that when I try to adjust the output size and/or LyX display size at
the time of first importing the image, it tends to crash the program.
I do not have a problem if I insert the graphic, close the dialogue
box, then edit the image settings after. I'm inserting bmp images. I'm
using an article Document Class.
Please try to upgrade your qt from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 (if you didn't do so yet).

And if that doesn't work, see if you can't get a perfect "recipe" for reproducing the crash. Then we can fix it. Otherwise, we are fishing.


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