Hi Parul,

It would be unfair to say that fonts in latex is easy. And I am afraid that I 
can not 
be of much assistance as I donot have a windowscomputer any more. I did how 
ever get
the winfonts package to work with linux. But even that was not as easy as I 
have wished for. First I had to put the files in the right places, dowload the 
webcore fonts and put those into the tex-tree. run update (texhash) and then
use a sometime to understand why pdflatex didn't find the font. In the end I 
had to
catenate the pdflatex.map and the winfonts.map. However, then it did work :)

I guess that this isn't really useful on a miktex installation. So the only help
I can give is that it is doable :), and if you tell us what the 
say about the fonts, we might be able to point you in the right direction.


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