Uwe Stöhr wrote:
Reuven Segev schrieb:

Following your advice I uninstalled 1.6.2 and installed 1.6.3. I tried both the "classical" and yours "alternative" version (not at the same time) but
the results were the same. While I can run some documents, for other
documents (converted from LaTeX by 1.6.2) I get:

Inset:: buffer member not initialized!
LyX code: 11 name unknown

Any idea what could be the source of the problem?

No, to be able to reproduce this, can you please provide a _small_ LyX example file?

If you send me the file, I can try to reproduce it. This is a known sort of problem, in the sense that I know what kind of thing can cause this. It's likely a math inset (code 11) that LyX is for some reason failing to initialize properly.


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