Uwe Stöhr wrote:
Hauser Helmut schrieb:

Thanks for your response. I have attached the two lyx files and the two resulting pdf files.

ThePDFs are absolute identical here. Another user sees the same as he reported you.

Yes you are right - strange. I have a printed copy in front of me with the described differences. I tried to reproduce it today but I failed. Now it works for me, strange but with a happy end.
The problem is to know where was the problem?
Could it be, that I got the difference using accidentally a different export like PDF (ps2pdf) ?

The version 1.6 lyx file I got by exporting the 1.5 lyx file to plain LaTeX (attached too) and importing it later
with Lyx 1.6.

Why that? Open the file that you created with LyX 1.5.x with LyX 1.6.3 and it will work.

Well it did not work for me since I used a workaround for the subfigure using some ERT and the 1.6.x version did not accept the way I did it.

(I see that your 1.6.x version used English as document language instead of Swedish and that the document preamble is missing.)

regards Uwe

Thanks a lot for your effort,
Best regards,
- helmut


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