Matthias Bußjäger <m.bussj...@...> writes:
> Perhaps I should write it in Word and import the text at home on Linux...

Not sure this discovery of mine is relevant, but this note might be useful to
those that do not have access to a good working lyx on *all* machines...Perhaps
 use any plain text editor with use of PANDOC format.  

Pandoc, a variant of markdown syntax, is a quick way to make plain text to tex
file to a larger lyx document on your main machine.  Pandoc can accept headings,
links, and other key formatting you need when making a draft. Plus it can accept
latex/ERT in the body of text, etc.  I use it on systems that I do not have lyx
installed on (linux servers without X, temporary PCs, etc,)

Also for short documents, one can use it to --in one command--go from
text to nicely formatted pdfs via latex underneath. One can output text to many
other formats.

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