I am a complete beginner, but I would like to transfer my dissertation from
Word to LyX (either manually or automatically).
I have LyX 1.5.6 (the version that comes in the repositories) installed in
my computer that runs Ubuntu 8.4.
I have been trying to use lyx for the parts of my text in Japanese, but
every time I export to DVI it says the fonts are missing, which is strange
since I have installed all the Japanese related packages. Another thing is
that I would like to use Times Ext Roman, a unicode ttf font with all the
diacritics I need, but I am not sure I can use it with Lyx. Another thing
still  is that I would  like to use the Classic Thesis template, but
substitute the main font with Times Ext and have Hiragino otf for the
I am reading various posts, but the entire process is a bit confusing.
Hope someone can help.
All the best,


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