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> Rainer M Krug wrote:
>> 2) following that, is there a way of creating both at the same time?
>> Effectively exporting, renaming, changing, exporting, renaming as a
>> script which is executed when I export?
> My approach to do this is to include the beamer presentation as a child to
> another document, which is of "article (beamer)" class. That way, I get the
> presentation by viewing the presentation document only, and the article by
> viewing the master (article) file. The only annoying thing is that LyX spits
> a warning about differing text classes every time I view the master. The
> good news, though, is that you can disable this warning as of forthcoming
> LyX 1.6.4.
> There are some caveats:
> * the preamble content of the presentation, if any, must be copied to the
> article preamble as well.
> * the article must include an empty frame (this is to trigger some internal
> preamble code)

This is an interesting approach. So you have a presentation, with all
the article fields and everything in it. You compile the presentation,
by compiling the presentation with document class
presentation(beamer), and the article with the master document
(document class: article(beamer)), which does contain only the
presentation as child document and an EndFrame.
Nice workaround.

One could include the preamble as an include as well, I guess?

> See the attached example article file. It includes the beamer template that
> ships with LyX. You might have to adjust the path in the include inset.
> HTH,
> Jürgen

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