Marcelo Reis wrote:
Guys, I don't know the best way to explain what I need, I think it would be better if you check the attached image. Making the long story short I need to remove the spaces between section, subsections and subsubsections from TOC.
I want them all with the same spacing under TOC.

You want to eliminate the additional indentation used with increasing depth in the toc.

In general, the tocloft package provides the facilities you need in a reasonably accessible fashion.

In your case, however, you might be able to get away just with redefining the \...@subsubsection command, thus:
which makes it the same as for \...@section (except for the depth "3").

Oh, that's for article, by the way. If you're using a different class, you'll need to do something slightly different. Just open the class file and look for the \...@subsection macro.


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