Thanks, that's a good start. Now Apacite also uses different brackets for comments on the reference (like "e.g.") than Lyx's natbib ( \citeA<pre>[post]{ref} vs. \cite[pre][post] ). Is there a way to redefine these as well? The problem with apalike is that it does not quote all authors the first time an article with >2 authors is quoted.


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I need citations according to APA standard for a thesis. Does anyone have experience with that?

From what information I could find, apacite would do it, but I could not find any information online on how to get it to work with Lyx.

Specifically, apacite seems to use different latex comands. Apacite requires \cite for notmal citation and \citeA for citation in text (parentheses only around year). However, Lyx generates either only \cite command (default bibliography) or \citet and \citep for natbib, and uses a different parenthesis structure for additional arguments.

Does anybody know a way to work around this?

In principe it seems like it should not be difficult to add the option to Lyx to write \citeA instead of \citep commands. I myself can only program python though (if that function would actually be acessible in python could anyone point me to where I coud find it?).

If that's all it would take, you could put
in your preamble. That makes \citep a kind of alias for \citeA. If that doesn't work, maybe you could produce some slightly more complicated redefinition of \citep that would work.

That said, did you try choosing apalike as your citation style? I don't know how close that will get you....

Right now, producing new bibliography formats is kind of complicated. I have been meaning to work on that, but have had too much else to do.


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