Hi all,


Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch.

Memoir. Never again!

As you know I switched to Ubuntu and of course things are different. But for 
the most part, my books whose document classes were based on "book" fired up 
just fine once I fixed the layout location (and of course once I got a LyX that 
stayed running more than 20 seconds :-)

But "Twenty Eight Tales of Troubleshooting is built with a document class 
based on Memoir, and it's nothing but trouble. First I had to get Memoir from 
the web because the Ubuntu one didn't seem to work. Now I need memhfixc or my 
book gets the "zero output" error.

The memhfixc and memoir documentations say memhfixc is included in memoir, but 
sure couldn't find it. Yeah, I finally realized I had to run latex  
mempatch.ins, but it all took time and it was all a hassle. I had to take 
apart the book til I got a small file to reproduce the problem, narrowed it 
down to memhfixc, and then had to figure out how to fix it. For all I know, 
will be yet other problems when I put back the original layout file and the 
original document.

Worse, this isn't the first time. Every time I lay down a new OS, my memoir 
derived book fails. All my book derived books work marvelously. If I get time, 
I'm going to rework "Twenty Eight Tales of Troubleshooting" to use a book 
derived document class.

I'm not saying Memoir doesn't have its place. The person who uses Memoir for 
every book and is intimately familiar with its idiocyncracies will have little 
trouble with it. But that's not me.

One thing's for sure -- I'll never use Memoir for a new book again.


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