Hi all,

In the last 6 months this list has featured at least 10 reports of LyX 1.6.x 
terminating unexpectedly. I myself had instances of this in 1.6.2 and 1.6.3, 
and was lucky enough to find a workaround in 1.6.3.

Turns out, the lyx file causing the crash in my 1.6.3 featured a huge (bigger 
than 2mb) .eps file. When the file loaded, the picture on the screen said 
"loading bookcover.eps", and then a couple seconds later crashed. This was a 
reproducible error -- it happened every time in the same amount of time.

Using Vim, I replaced bookcover.eps with bookcover.pdf, a much smaller file, 
and the problem disappeared. 

So here's my question for everyone reporting 1.6.x crashes: Did your files 
include graphics? Did they include large graphics? Were any of the large 
graphics .eps files? Was there anybody suffering a 1.6.x crash whose file DID 
have graphic files? 

If there's anyone currently able to reproduce this problem, would you be able 
to use a text editor to whittle the file down to a small reproducer, and then 
use the text editor to toggle the symptom by enabling and disapbling the big 



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