Steve Litt schreef:
So here's my question for everyone reporting 1.6.x crashes: Did your files include graphics? Did they include large graphics? Were any of the large graphics .eps files? Was there anybody suffering a 1.6.x crash whose file DID NOT have graphic files? If there's anyone currently able to reproduce this problem, would you be able to use a text editor to whittle the file down to a small reproducer, and then use the text editor to toggle the symptom by enabling and disapbling the big graphic?


A lot of the crashes that were reported actually came from people that were using Ubuntu 9.04. The problem was that Ubuntu was shipped with Qt4.5.0, which had a number of bugs (at least in combination with LyX that is). I know you don't want to fiddle around with your fresh new installation, but if you still have Qt4.5.0, I'd advice you to upgrade to Qt4.5.2.

The best thing that I can think of in your case is that you have run into bug #5957: If you scale down an image with an odd number of rows to 50% (on screen), Qt4.5.0 would crash. I've used much larger eps graphics which didn't show your problem (on Windows).



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