On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 8:23 AM, E.Kaplan<ehud.kap...@mssm.edu> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what is the latest Lyx version that is available for
> Kubuntu 64 bits?  It seems that the repositories only have 1.6.2, and the
> only 1.6.3 version I found was meant for Karmic (9.10) which is not out yet.

Well, the latest *supported* version is 1.6.2. But I am pretty sure
the *latest* version is:

Note that installing files from third party websites has the same
problems as windows, is generally discouraged:

However, it works here. It installs lyx to /usr/local rather than /usr
so you could still run your old lyx with
   Alt-F2 /usr/bin/lyx

Why do specifically want the latest version?

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