>I'm just in the process of setting up my new computer with
>Windows XP.  I installed the latest MikTex and LyX, opened
>my first file which I created in version 1.6.0, scrolled down,
>and it crashed in exactly the way you describe.  Three eps
>figures were causing me problems, and it turns out that they
>had all been scaled to 50%.  All three were the same size at
>1009x756 pixels, in landscape orientation.vScaling to 49 or
>51 % does not cause the crash.  I can email you one of the
>files if you like.

We know the problem, and we know we can't do anything about it
ourselves. We have now made a work-around so that the bug won't appear
in LyX 1.6.4. 

>As an aside, every time I save the preferences, the
>maximized LyX window shrinks to the previously unmaximized
>size, but the border remains unsizable.  I have to click
>restore and then maximize to get back to using the full screen.

That's also a known problem, which we can't solve yet.

>While I have your attention, I am still at a loss why
>I can't get a response from the lyx ftp server.  If any
>of you have any ideas to offer in response to my query
>several days ago I would greatly appreciate it!

I've no problems accessing it (which is of no help to you).



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