Anton Driesse wrote:

I'm still at a loss with this ftp server.

I have even tried turning off my firewall software - but nothing seems to
make a difference:

C:\Documents and Settings\driessea>ftp
Connected to

And after a long delay:

Connection closed by remote host.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!

You're using the DOS ftp client, right? Just tried it from here (Michigan, USA) and it worked fine -- twice. Time is about 1500 GMT (or Coordinated Universal Time, or whatever it's called these days).

Connection closed by remote host usually means that either the host is having a bad day (software problems maybe) or it's currently overworked. So it may be you're trying at peak busy times. Other than trying at an off time, the only thing I can suggest is to ping and maybe traceroute it. Try


and watch the output. The main concern is lost packets; round trip time is secondary. DOS will automatically send four pings (you can adjust the number, but no need to). I pinged the server just now and got four answers (0% loss) with an average round trip of 121 ms. (which is not bad). If the ping output shows packet losses, there may be a problem between you and the server, in which case


may show you where the problem is (not that the information will do you much good, unless it's in the first one or two hops). Traceroute basically pings every router between you and the target, sequentially.


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