2009/7/23 rgheck <rgh...@bobjweil.com>

> LyX thinks this is normal content, not something for before \maketitle. You
> need to put this in some kind of TitleERT environment, as mentioned before.
> rh

I edited the .layout file and added the statement:

Style TitleERT
  InTitle 1

then I used the TitleERT in a big ERT before the text. It almost worked,
except for some differences (at the e-mail font for example). Could that be
the fact that the .tex file in example uses another packages, like:




I tried to add this at the preamble in the .layout file, but got an error.

2009/7/27 Daniel Lohmann <daniel.lohm...@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>

> Depending on the peculiarities of the latex class, more or less stuff has
> to be given in ERT - maybe even the abstract. The example I have attached,
> for instance, uses the "IOS-Book" class, which  requires the abstract to be
> defined within a special frontmatter environment. Because I did not want to
> bother with getting the peculiarities of this class right into a LyX layout,
> I ended up with a big ERT box in the beginning and only the real content is
> written in LyX.
> The process: I usually use the latex example file that comes with the paper
> class as template, activate source preview in Lyx ("View->View Source", then
> check "Complete Source") to see what LyX would generate and then copy parts
> or larger chunks of the LaTeX example into ERT until the result looks
> compilable.
> Daniel
> I guess this is my case. I did a big ERT before the text (as mentioned
above) but something is still wrong. I'll try to do like you now, maybe it

Thanks again!


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