I'm using lyx 1.6.3 on Sabayon Linux 4.2. Which is fairly impressive BTW.
I like most of the user interface. Well that is except that As a
keyboard-centric user with very poor mouse coordination I always resent
screen space taken up by point n' click specific tools such as most
toolbars. For example if "<alt>+<p>[space]" worked without that
scrollbox attached to the "standard" toolbar the .ui file would say

=> Toolbars
=>         "standard" "off,top"
=>         "extra" "off,top"
=>         "table" "off,bottom"
=>         "math" "off,bottom"
=>         "minibuffer" "off,bottom"
=> End

As it is the only one I leave on is "standard". And that to keep the
viability of the  "3-key,2-stroke" keybinding "<alt>+<p>[space]". Thus
I put up with wasting a whole line of screen space on mostly useless
stuff I would never ever "click" on.

Likewise, If I want to switch to another open document with lyx 1.6.3
I'd use "<alt>+<D>[2]" to switch to the second open document, via the
pull down menu. Though I'll admit my fingers usually start with the old
"<alt>+<v>[2]" that isn't in the view menu anymore before I realise
that the functionality was moved to the Documents pull-down menu.

BUT I would never ever wrestle with my mouse to get that (expletive
deleted) pointer on the name of the document displayed with an [x]
just under the toolbars... And that would be so, even if I wasn't just
as likely to accidentally click on one of the [x]s...

Is there any way to get them off my screen???

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