It would appear that on Jul 31, Vincent van Ravesteijn - TNW did say:

> > Is there any way to get them off my screen???
> Tools->Preferences->Look & Feel->Open Document in Tabs

Thanks. But when I tried that the results were less than ideal.

I don't know why I didn't realize I was talking about "tabs" until
you identified the toggle. {Unless it has to do with the fact that
when I use LyX I'm always either opening just one document (in which
case there isn't one) Or I'm opening a half dozen documents with a
script where the average filename length is about 30 characters long.
(in which case the row of tabs don't all fit} and so I never discerned
the pattern of a tab beside a spot without one...}

But in any case the results are that several separate LyX windows open.
which in itself isn't bad, but since the filenames are so long it's
hard to determine which doc is which switching via the <alt>+<tab>
global shortcut. And if I try to use the <alt>+<D>[$number] method,
the tabs in that particular document window turn themselves back on...

It might be nice for keyboard centric users who switch documents via
the menu, rather than by clicking on the tab,  if they added an
additional check box or .ui file item, that toggled the graphic display
of the tabs like it was a toolbar full of tabs, while still allowing
ONE document window to switch between several [virtual tab]
documents via the pull down menu... But as feature requests go, I
doubt this would ever be considered a high priority...

So I'm thinking that I'll just have to live with the durned tabs.

Thanks anyway!

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