Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
I'm using lyx 1.6.3 on Sabayon Linux 4.2. Which is fairly impressive BTW.
I like most of the user interface. Well that is except that As a
keyboard-centric user with very poor mouse coordination I always resent
screen space taken up by point n' click specific tools such as most
toolbars. For example if "<alt>+<p>[space]" worked without that
scrollbox attached to the "standard" toolbar the .ui file would say

=> Toolbars
=>         "standard" "off,top"
=>         "extra" "off,top"
=>         "table" "off,bottom"
=>         "math" "off,bottom"
=>         "minibuffer" "off,bottom"
=> End

As it is the only one I leave on is "standard". And that to keep the
viability of the  "3-key,2-stroke" keybinding "<alt>+<p>[space]". Thus
I put up with wasting a whole line of screen space on mostly useless
stuff I would never ever "click" on.

BUT I would never ever wrestle with my mouse to get that (expletive
deleted) pointer on the name of the document displayed with an [x]
just under the toolbars... And that would be so, even if I wasn't just
as likely to accidentally click on one of the [x]s...

Is there any way to get them off my screen???

You can turn off all the toolbars if you like. I did not know that you
could loose keybindings that way, but define the keybindings in a custom
key binding file instead. That way, you can have the same keybindings
without any toolbars. (And you can define other keybindings you find
useful also.)

To get rid of the document tabs too, open all your files in
separate windows. (ALT+f w, or "File->New Window")
Then, use your window manager to switch
between them. This is usually performed by alt+tab, although some
keyboard centric window managers might do it differently.

Helge Hafting

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