Well, the thing with the shortcuts:

Ubuntu: Ctrl+X == Mac: Cmd+X (=the Command-Key, old Mac users still call it "Apple-Key" although there is no Apple on it any more but a kind of knot)
and so on.

I just tried it in Lyx on MacOSX:
Alt+arrow and Ctrl+arrow do the same thing in Lyx.

In Openoffice on MacOSX they behave differently (right arrow here):
Alt+arrow == jump to the end of the next word
Ctrl+arrow == no function, just as arrows alone
Command+arrow == jump to end of the line

Anyway, when I work with the GIMP on a Mac I have to use Ctrl+X instead of Cmd+X, as GIMP runs in a seperate X.org on a Mac.

My Mac-only Editor uses Ctrl/Cmd or Alt+X to jump to the line endings.

I have to learn shortcuts for each App. And when I switch Apps or even more when I switch OSes (what I frequently do: I work on a Mac, in the Lab we've got a WindowsXP-PC and my Netbook is running Ubuntu) I mix it up frequently.

So maybe that's why I prefer to use a mouse: Every program uses different shortcuts but the mouse (nearly) always does what I intend.


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