Even though I consider myself a "LyX master" in many respects, the exact usage of "File Formats", "Converters" and "External Material..." have always remained a mystery to me. Today I gave it another try (LyX 1.6.3-mac) -- and failed again.

So here is what I want to achieve:

I have some TikZ figures (which are actually stand-alone LaTeX- documents with the extension .tikz) that I want to embed (not the source, but the PDF/EPS via \includegraphics) into my LyX document in a way that (1) the LyX-Preview does work (2) PDF generation does work, and (3) the .tikz-file is opened in vim when I select "Edit externally..."

So far I got (2) and (3) working, but not (1):

-- Under [File Handling --> File formats] I have added a new file format "TikZ" as Vector graphics format, Short Name: "Tikz", Extension: "tikz", and Editor: "vim".

-- Under [File Handling --> Converters] I have added a Converter Definition "TikZ --> PDF (ps2pdf)" with Converter: "pdflatex $$i"

If I now embed a .tikz-file, external editing and PDF generation works fine, but LyX is not able to show a preview. As I interpret the output of "lyx -dbg graphics", LyX does not know how to generate a pixmap from the input format ("TikZ"). Do I have to define a converter to some pixmap format as well? How to do so?

This is pretty confusing. As I understand the manuals (don't remember where exactly I have read this) LyX should be able to deduce its route through conversion rules automatically, that is, to convert from TikZ to PDF first and then from PDF to the pixmap required for the preview functionality.

Your  help is highly appreciated!


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