On 08/07/2009 09:39 PM, Venable wrote:
Dear LyX Users,

I would like to use step bullet item lists in a Beamer presentation.
This is fairly simple in SWP, since there is a "Step Bullet List Item"
Item Tag available with a simple keyboard shortcut. Does a similar
function exist in LyX? If not, is it possible to customize either LyX
itself or the .lyx file to create similar functionality?

I suppose one workaround would be to add new environments to the LaTeX
preamble (see below for excerpt from Portable LaTeX code created by
SWP) and then add ERT (e.g. \begin{stepitemize}, \item, etc.).
However, this seems a bit unwieldy.

Many thanks for any suggestions. I apologize if the solution is
obvious or has already been discussed. I searched a fair amount in the
manuals and on the mailing list but did not find a solution. If I have
missed something, please let me know.

(new environment LaTeX code)
\newenvironment{stepitemize}{\begin{itemize}[<+->]}{\end{itemize} }
al...@+>]}{\end{itemize} }

I'm not terribly familiar with beamer, but so far as I can see this ought to be a pretty trivial layout. E.g.:

Style StepEnumerate
    CopyStyle Enumerate

Style StepItemize
    CopyStyle Itemize
        \newenvironment{stepitemize}{\begin{itemize}[<+->]}{\end{itemize} }

You might want to tweak that a bit, of course, but that may be all it takes. If so, you might consider putting them into a module and adding it to the wiki.

If some of this is opaque, look at chapter five of the Customization manual.


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