On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 10:16:41PM +0200, zweetsmoel wrote:
> only another error message...
> src/lyx: symbol lookup error: src/lyx: undefined symbol:
> _ZN8QPainter10drawPixmapERK7QPointFRK7QPixmap
> ok, this is definitely a qt error. even qtconfig won't launch, it
> gotta be qt related. but what exactly?

Something with your installation. Really.

> i tried removing &
> re-installing all qt packages and many others; and i wasn't able to
> find duplicate qt libs, but i'm not really an expert in libs and devs.



> too bad, that's gonna be a CV made with ms-office. yak... ;-)

Plain LaTeX works for CVs - possibly even better than LyX as that's one
of the rare cases where "finger painting" is acceptable. And it would
yield the same bonus point in an application as using LyX would...

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