Christian Bustamante wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using LyX on Windows XP and I'm trying to set up the spellchecker,
so I downloaded the spanish Open Office dictionary. This file is a
plain text one, so I changed the extension to pws (the requiered one
for LyX). Then I went to Tools -> Prefeernces -> Language ->
Spellchecker and browse the es_ES.pws file on Personal Dictionary box.
When I try to run the spellchecker the following error appears: "The
Spellchecker could not be started. No word list can be found for the
language "es_ES". How can I set up this?

You can't. LyX-1.6 only supports Aspell which comes bundled with the LyX Windows installer. Next version (1.7 or 2.0) will support Hunspell and thus OpenOffice dictionnaries.


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