It would appear that on Aug 14, K. Elo did say:

> Subject: Suggestion
> Dear list members!
> I suppose most of us are members in other mailing lists, too, and thus
> receive several mails per day from these lists. Now, several lists add a
> list identifier at the beginning of the topic (e.g. "[List] Title").
> What do you think, would such an identifier make sense for this list?
> The implementation must follow at the server side before a posting is
> forwarded to the list, but this should be quite easy to implement. If an
> identifier would be added, the topic of this mail would be e.g.
> "[Lyx-Users] Suggestion".

I for one would NOT find that convenient Elo...

I read my mail (and usenetgroups) with a threaded reader that uses
the headers to group all the messages in thread order. Since I also
use filters to sort them into folders I have no need for the info
embedded in the identifier you suggest. And because it would be on the 
left hand side of the subject header it would reduce the functionality
of the threaded index view of my mail client. 

=> To illustrate what I mean, I've included a snippage of what an 80
=> column threaded index view of my lyx folder looks like (see below)
=> -> Note: that view includes an example of a modified subject that was
=> -> still part of the same thread. Sometimes that happens because
=> -> someone who doesn't know (or doesn't care) how threaded readers
=> -> work, hits reply and edits the subject as a shortcut to starting a
=> -> new discussion in which if the thread runs deep enough, I could
=> -> miss the one interesting message hiding in a thread I'm no longer 
=> -> reading... 

On the other hand if they went with appending it to the righthand end
of the subject, so that this topic would show up as:
"Suggestion [Lyx-Users]" rather than as "[Lyx-Users] Suggestion",
then it wouldn't bother me at all... But you might miss it if the
subject was too long... Guess there is no way to keep us both happy. <sigh> 

######### begin snippage ###########

 ALPINE 2.00 MESSAGE INDEX [H] <Incoming-Folders> LyXstuff  Msg 1,908 of 2,145

    1906 Jul 31     Marcelo Acuña            (4K) . Re: Drag and Drop
    1907 Jul 31     Nikos Alexandris         (3K) . \-Re: Drag and Drop
    1908 Jul 31     Michael Joyner ᏩᏯ        (7K) .   \-Re: Drag and Drop
    1909 Jul 31     Nikos Alexandris         (4K) .     \-Re: Drag and Drop
    1910 Jul 31     Abdelrazak Younes        (3K) .       \-Re: Drag and Drop
  A 1911 Jul 31     Johannes Knaus           (4K) .         |-Re: Drag and Drop
    1912 Jul 31     Abdelrazak Younes        (3K) .         | |-Re: Drag and Dr
    1913 Jul 31     Abdelrazak Younes        (3K)           | | \-Re: Drag and 
*   1914 Aug  1     Joe(theWordy)Philbrook   (5K) .         | |-Re: Drag and Dr
  A 1915 Aug  1     Steve Litt               (6K) .         | | \-Keyboard Cent
*   1916 Aug  5     Joe(theWordy)Philbrook   (5K)           | |   \-Re: Keyboar
    1917 Aug  6     Helge Hafting            (6K) .         | \-Re: Drag and Dr
    1918 Aug  6     Nikos Alexandris         (3K) .         |   |-Re: Drag and 
    1919 Aug  6     Johannes Knaus           (3K) .         |   | \-Re: Drag an
    1920 Aug  6     Johannes Knaus           (4K)           |   |   \-Re: Drag 
    1921 Aug  6     Marcelo Acuña            (4K)           |   \-Re: Drag and 
    1922 Jul 31     Steve Litt               (4K)           \-Re: Drag and Drop

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