On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 16:29:22 -0400, rgheck wrote:
> Well, here are a few. It seems to me that what you're doing, more or
> less, is using what would ordinarily be called "sections" but renaming
> them as "tips". I'm not sure about this, because you list a section
> before the first chapter. 

You are correct. I mixed up my terminology: it really should say "Part" 
-- section is OpenOffice.org terminology for the same thing.

> But if that is what you are doing, then you
> will first need to redefine how sections appear in the TOC. I would do
> this using the titlesec package, but the koma-script packages probably
> have their own way of doing this. I don't know.

OK, I took a look. Titlesec seems interesting. I'll see if Koma-Script 
allows those types of changes also.

> As far as the TOC goes, titlesec has a companion package, titletoc,
> which may be what you need. Then again, it may be that, once you're
> redefined what sections are called (tips, in your case), all will be
> well.

OK, thanks.

> Finally, customization of headers generally means the use of the
> fancyhdr package, for which LyX provides limited support. The examples
> in the fancyhdr docs make it pretty easy to get what you want, though.

I guess so, if I can get the numbering to say "Tip #" and if I can get 
tip numbers to keep on incrementing from one chapter to the next.

Thanks for the ideas,


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