seb123 wrote:

In a LyX "beamer" presentation, I would like to draw circles, rectangles,
arrows on top of text or images.

How to do that? Do you guys happen to have LyX templates that can do that?

For images, I prefer to use a pgfpicture environment, load the image and then use TikZ/PGF commands to annotate. Here's a sample:


This loaded a JPEG or PNG file and drew a red circle around it with a diagonal slash through it (the international symbol for "stop").

I imagine something similar would work with text -- perhaps putting the text in TikZ nodes (with or without visible borders). The tricky thing about annotating text is that the annotations tend to be static, so you can't afford to have the text shift around. I tend to think that means write the text in as some sort of image, not just ordinary LaTeX text. But I'm no expert on things LaTeX.


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