Vincenzo Ampolo wrote:

I'm new to lyx and i think it's a very good program. I've a trouble i'm trying to fix from a long time and i googled a lot without finding anything useful which works.

The problem is simple, i've a frontpage which should be not numbered and that must have a blank page afterwards.

I just typed some test characters and i did Insert->Formatting->Clear Double Page.

I tried with New Page, Clear Page and Page Break but the result is even the same: nothing changes when i print as pdf or dvi or ps.

What exactly is the problem? Do you get numbers you don't want on those pages?

Use the TeX-button (or Insert->TeX Code) and add the command
on all of the pages where you don't want a number.

New page/page break/clear page has nothing to do with numbering and such, these commands just gives you pages without normal text on them.

Helge Hafting

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