Dear Helge & Vincent

Thankyou for your speedy responses.  Turning off "instant preview" worked.  

You've made a PhD thesis writing student alot less stressed!

Thanks again

On Monday, 24 August, 2009, at 03:41PM, "Vincent van Ravesteijn - TNW" 
<> wrote:
>>> When I've written a math formula, whether it be inserted into the
>>> text or as a numbered equation, the text size becomes huge with the 
>>> formula usually disappearing off the end of the screen.  If you then 
>>> reselect the formula, as if to edit it, it then shrinks back to
>>> size.  I am doing something obviously wrong?
>>Looks like a problem with instant preview - but I don't know
>>how to fix that. Take a look at "Tools->Preferences->Screen Fonts",
>>see if there are any strange sizes or zoom factors.
>Or, look at Tools->Preferences->Graphics and set Instant Preview to Off.
>Or, have a look at your preferences file in the LyX dir in your user
>directory and look for some magic entry saying something about the size
>of previews: '\\preview_scale_factor'. If it's there and it's not 0.9,
>start wondering how it got there.

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