I am a new user with LyX, have previousely been using Scientific
Workplace (SWP). I am using LyX 1.63 for Windows with the standard
report template. In the frontmatter dialog in Scientific Workplace I
normally use to paste a graphic/icon topmost and divide the title on
lines with several spaces between them. Now I am trying to do the same
with LyX without the same luck. How can I distribute the title
(frontmatter) over two or more lines with line spaces between them?
and how can I place a picture topmost in the title? is that possible
as it is with SWP? Where can I read more about customizing the

A second question: when I started using LyX I though the typeface was
somewhat greyed out or foggy when I compiled the PDF file, and not
that black and clear that I am used to from SWP. I realized that if I
add the following in the LaTeX preamble this was improved
significantly, but still slightly lighter than SWP.

\usepackage{ifpdf} % part of the hyperref bundle
\ifpdf % if pdflatex is used
 % set fonts for nicer pdf view

I am using pdflatex. Is there something I can do to make the typeface
of the printout/pdf even more dark/clear?

Best regards
Bjørn Liene Gundersen
Master student at Telemark University College, Norway.

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