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I am a new user with LyX, have previousely been using Scientific
Workplace (SWP). I am using LyX 1.63 for Windows with the standard
report template. In the frontmatter dialog in Scientific Workplace I
normally use to paste a graphic/icon topmost and divide the title on
lines with several spaces between them. Now I am trying to do the same
with LyX without the same luck. How can I distribute the title
(frontmatter) over two or more lines with line spaces between them?
and how can I place a picture topmost in the title? is that possible
as it is with SWP? Where can I read more about customizing the

I'm not entirely clear what you want here. If you want a new line, type Ctrl-Enter (which gives you the equivalent of LaTeX's \\). As for the picture, anything you can do in LaTeX, you can do in LyX, if only by inserting raw TeX code (Insert>TeX Code), also known as "ERT". In this case, I would have thought Insert>Graphics would do it. That gives you LaTeX's \includegraphics command.

Note however that the titlepage is controlled by the document class. If you really want to get into heavy customization of the titlepage, then you are probably going to have to redefine \maketitle.

A second question: when I started using LyX I though the typeface was
somewhat greyed out or foggy when I compiled the PDF file, and not
that black and clear that I am used to from SWP. I realized that if I
add the following in the LaTeX preamble this was improved
significantly, but still slightly lighter than SWP.

\usepackage{ifpdf} % part of the hyperref bundle
\ifpdf % if pdflatex is used
  % set fonts for nicer pdf view

I am using pdflatex. Is there something I can do to make the typeface
of the printout/pdf even more dark/clear?

It sounds to me as if this is a font issue. So you should probably just experiment with different fonts, and perhaps try to find out which font SWP was using. To customize the font, go to Document>Settings>Fonts, and then choose the Serif (mislabeled, I think, as Roman) font you want. If you choose Latin Moder, that will load lmodern.sty.


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