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Indexing on several of my books failed after I moved from Mandriva/LyX1.5.x to 

Here are some errors from the .ilg file:

This is makeindex, version 2.14 [02-Oct-2002] (kpathsea + Thai support).
Scanning style file ./rl_21.ist..done (2 attributes redefined, 0 ignored).
Scanning input file RL21.jqVMOhYaDS.idx....
!! Input index error (file = RL21.jqVMOhYaDS.idx, line = 14):
   -- Extra `@' at position 10 of first argument.
!! Input index error (file = RL21.jqVMOhYaDS.idx, line = 15):
   -- Extra `@' at position 10 of first argument.
!! Input index error (file = RL21.jqVMOhYaDS.idx, line = 16):
   -- Extra `@' at position 20 of first argument.

And here are lines 12-16 of the .ind file. Note lines 12 and 13 produce no 
error, but are just included to exploit the differences:
\indexentry{Ph.D.|see{post graduate degree}}{i}
\indexentry{college|(@college\textbar {}(}{2}
\indexentry{community college|(@community college\textbar {}(}{2}
In fact, line 14 that references college|( was the first index entry in the 
to specify a range rather than "this page" like lines 12 and 13.

The following is the LyX file's entry corresponding to college|( and college|) 
and the material in between:
\begin_layout Subsection
\begin_inset LatexCommand index
name "college|("



\begin_layout Standard
College is great for learning unchanging principles, and unchanging principles
 can be very handy in technological survival.
 However, college is an ineffective way to keep up with technology.
 College courses typically teach technology two to ten years old in a world
 with two year technology lifespans.
\begin_inset LatexCommand index
name "college|)"




Finally, the following is the contents of my makeidx config file, which is 
called rl_21.ist

suffix_2p " "
delim_r "--"

So, before I devote 4 hours to troubleshooting, does anyone have any 
suggestions on what to try either to resolve the problem or how to narrow it 



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