I am currently testing Lyx 1.6.4 under Snow Leopard, the official release. (I got the binary from the Lyx server before it was taken off; it does have the problem that Preferences is grayed out as a menu choice, but can be opened using keys CMD + , . I have not noticed any other problems with Lyx 1.6.4?) I created a generic Lyx file, typed a bunch of stuff and let it sit. After about 5 minutes, a pop up window appeared reporting that Lyx crashed. My console report looks alot like the one in the bug report (link below). However, Lyx did not actually crash. After choosing Ignore, Lyx was still running and I could continue to type, save, edit, etc, the file. The crash reoccurs about every 5 minutes, which does correspond to the autosave time set in preferences. I turned off autosave and Lyx has not sent up another crash pop up as yet (we are about 15 minutes in at this point.

This is just a follow up to the question of Knaus. I am going to continue to use Lyx under Snow Leopard and see where it takes me.


On Aug 27, 2009, at 8:30 AM, Vincent van Ravesteijn - TNW wrote:


I ordered the new Mac OS Snowleopard this week and I wonder
if any of the Lyx-(Mac)-Developers has already tested Lyx
under a Developer- Version of Snowleopard?

Will the Lyx-Binary run on Snowleopard?
Anyway, I'll test it and post it here.


We are a bit short on Mac developers, so I doubt that you'll get an
authorative answer.

But, the good news is that I've heard of someone running LyX on
Snowleopard, the bad news is that I heard this by means of a bug report:


So, it'll be interesting whether this crash actually has to do something
with Snowleopard or not.


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