On Sunday 30 August 2009 05:48:58 Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> Steve Litt wrote:

> > then the most likely solution is to set
> >  Tools->Preferences->Output->LaTeX->Tex to T1.
> The correct solution would be to put the "|" character in an ERT.

That's not a very good solution because it forces the user to do extra work in 
every index range of every document, and also gravely increases the 
troubleshooting effort if the user messes up the nesting of |( and |). From my 
perspective as a book author, T1 would be preferable to ERT, and even my silly 
kludge script would be preferable.

T1, ERT and my script are all workarounds. The SOLUTION would involve 
recognition by LyX that |( or |) at the end of a string inside an IDX tag 
defines a range, so do not convert the pipe symbol to \textbar etc. Or, if 
that's impossible, when the LyX user requests an index tag, pop up a dialog 
box asking the name and whether it's begin-range, end-range, or this-location.


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