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On 08/30/2009 05:13 PM, dirac14 wrote:
I am a relatively new lyx user and this is my first post so please forgive
my total ignorance..

I ve searched for at least 3 hours to give myself the answer to the
subject's question and there are two possible scenarios : either it is kind
of trivial to install new packages to lyx and therefore i couldn't find any
answer or i did find it but i wasn't able to make it work !!!

The whole story began when i found out an outstanding package on CTAN for my
work, called hep(high energy physics) which promised to let me use Feynman
slashed characters and many more. But then i dealt with that horrible
problem! How to do it work properly and use it through the lyx menus like
all other stuff preinstalled in lyx??? And in general, what do i have to do
in order to install a new package and make it work as if it were
preinstalled in lyx?

I'm afraid that this is not in general possible---unless you want to
write the source code yourself and contribute it to LyX, which of course
would be welcome. That is to say: Every package that LyX natively
supports, it supports only because someone wrote the code that makes LyX
support it. To get the various particle names to display properly, for
example, the names have to be added to the unicodesymbols file, together
with code points in various fonts, etc. So it's not a trivial matter at all.


I 'm afraid that i can't write the source code for this... But then
could you please find me any way to use slashed characters? That is any
character(mainly letters) with a "/" on it. Thanks for the reply.

You can use them as you wish, by entering whatever the raw LaTeX is. In math mode, you just type it; in non-math mode, you can enter the characters in ERT. You can do this with any LaTeX stuff that LyX does not support.


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